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Traditional macroeconomic data is noisy, contradictory and non-contextual. Macrowonk is the only company providing proprietary macroeconomic indicators that filter out the noise and give you a quantifiable edge.

Applicable to multiple markets, around the globe

Using our indicators opens up a world of opportunities in the world’s largest stock indices as well as Government Bonds, FX and commodities.

100% Quant

This is not economic analysis as you know it. No pundits, no pointless commentary stating the obvious. Our methodology is 100% quantitative. We provide over 13 years of history and strong predictive power across the data set.

Macro Indicators with Predictive Power

Macrowonk Indicators are far superior to publicly available economic data. Our clients receive advance warning of changing economic conditions that directly influence markets.

By quantifying economic indicator movements, Macrowonk provides a service that is lacking in current economic commentary and analysis.

The below scatter plot compares our US Employment Index against the SP500 Stock Index. With an R2 of 0.87, our US Employment Index presents a better linear fit than any other publicly available employment data.
Translation: Strong Predictive Power.

This is just one of seven US indicators we publish. We cover 7 countries and publish 47 indicators in total. Read more about our Indicators and Case Studies here.

Case Studies

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Benchmark Return
Benchmark with Macrowonk Indicators

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Benchmark with Macrowonk Indicators

Benchmark Return
Benchmark with Macrowonk Indicators
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